Welcome to Shoreditch Townhouse.


Situated on a quiet street, our Edwardian townhouse is one of the C​ity’s hidden gems, standing on this very site since 1911.


 Whether being greeted with a cup of adventure or a ​more flamboyant affair, we know that all everyone ever wants is to feel at home.


One’s journey begins with a welcome and your ascent will see you surrounded by ​the intriguing, the curious and the curiouser.


Our house awakens ​a sense of wonderment, giving ​a nod to the past whilst always very firmly in the present. We tend to do things a little differently here and find the finest pleasures are often the unexpected ones.


Set over four floors the chapters set within our Cabinet of Curiosity house quirks and treasure all waiting to be discovered.


Be it an exclusive hire or a room to call your own, this is a truly perfect setting for ​the explorer within you.


We’d love to discuss your ideas and see what happens when we spark each other’s imaginations!